HSSRP vol. I, no. 1 (2012) Learning Experiences

Learning from Everyday Life
Peter Jarvis

Keywords: social conditions of learning, pre-conscious learning, tacit knowledge, pragmatic behaviour.
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Dimensioning of the Educational Context under the Influence of the Emotional Level
Livia Durac

Keywords: emotional intelligence, nonverbal behavior, educational environment, emotions.
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Experiential Learning Application in the Mediation of School Conflict
Oana-Paula Zaharia

Keywords: conflict, conflict management, learning experience.
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The Impact of Teacher’s Reactivity to Stress on Gestures
Alina Mărgăriţoiu

Keywords: reactivity to stress, gestures, didactic communication.
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Particularities of Bedouins’ Social Life
Elbadour Ibrahim

Keywords: tradition, values, settlement, family, economics.
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